Personalised Health and Wellbeing, Empower yourself and learn how to take charge of your health.

Unlocking your genetic potential is easy. Understand your results and get started on your Health and Wellbeing plan. Tests 68 genes in total.

Personalized genetic profiling offers profound insight into how your body responds to diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. Through Viegenomics extended health test you would be able to interpret the results of your profile report and convert the information in to programs for actionable, everyday health and wellbeing.

Our approach is based on the science of nutrigenomics which looks at the interaction between your genes, nutrition and lifestyle choices, and how these influence the genes' messages. These messages instruct your body on how it should respond to external influences such as diet and lifestyle choices.

Our comprehensive Health and Wellbeing Genetic Profile Report is interpreted by a viegenomics Accredited Practitioner so they can design a personalized plan to meet individual health goals. Effectively, how your genes are reacting to external factors is analysed and reported on, and a plan to address any negative reactions prepared, based on your unique genetic profile and needs.

We all have aspects of our health and wellbeing that we would like to address, such as:

Weight management
Relief from joint pain
Better sleeping patterns
Regulation of hormone imbalances
Healthier ageing
Menopause balance
Heart health
Increased energy and vitality
Blood pressure and cholesterol management

It is now possible to address your individual health needs according to your unique genetic profile.

The test looks at some of the major genes determining your efficiency at absorbing and utilizing nutrients (nutrigenomics), mood and cognition, hormones, fertility, as well as detoxification and methylation. The test shows the genes in which you have a single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) which can affect the way that gene functions. These gene SNPs can affect your level of risk and susceptibility to various lifestyle disorders and diseases, such as:

Cardiovascular risk
Cancer risk
Hormone imbalances
Inflammatory conditions
Autoimmune conditions
Food intolerances
Chronic fatigue
Thyroid dysfunction

There is a strong relationship between these genes, nutrition and lifestyle, meaning the expression of these gene SNPs can be manipulated by what you eat and what you do. This then turns these genes on, off, up or down, which either increases or decreases your level of risk.

Knowing your genetic make up and how your genes may influence your health, helps yo to personalize a treatment plan according to your genetic needs, to optimize your overall wellbeing. It tells:

Which nutrients you have a more appropriate need to supplement (and I can choose which forms will be best utilized by your body).

Which toxins, you may need to avoid/limit (including caffeine, alcohol etc) if your genetic makeup means you don't detoxify or eliminate them very well.

How important exercise is for you (and what types will work best for you)

Which foods you should eat more of to benefit your health

What blood tests I would recommend

Which symptoms etc you need to keep a close eye on to ensure future optimal health