A comprehensive genetic test to give you personal knowledge in these main areas; Sport, fat burning, diet, energy metabolism, vitamins and much more.

A balanced diet and regular exercise are essential for your health and well-being. Your DNA contains specific gene variants that have a significant influence on many aspects of your well-being: exercise, food and drug metabolism, sporting ability, skin vitality, and nutrient absorption, to name a few. Technological advancements and developments in genetic understanding allow us to realize the benefits of applying knowledge of an individual's particular genetic variants to build a health and fitness profile based on the strengths of their DNA. To reveal your genetic potential, the first step is to identify your gene variants through the Viegenomics Health & Fitness DNA test.

The information stored in your genes relates to conditions regarding physical activity, talent in the sport, the health of your skin and bones, proper nutrition, and the metabolism of vitamins and caffeine. Once identified, we will provide personalized information and advice based on your specific gene variants to allow you to utilize your genetic strengths to help you reach optimal results.