Wouldn't it be magical to gaze into a crystal ball and see your future face look right back at you? Wouldn't it then be even more magical to refine what that face looks like? Well, your crystal ball and magic wand are both here.

Your looks are inherited. So are your skin's unique traits.

As some of the most valuable advances in science become more approachable and accessible, you have the unprecedented opportunity today to uncover your skin's deepest secrets. DNA testing, once the preserve of forensic and legal investigators, can now hold up a mirror to how your skin looks, feels and acts. It can indeed inform – and transform – your skincare regime.

Think genetic makeup.

Viegenomics Skin DNA testing uncovers your skin's unique genetic code and armed with that knowledge, your dermatologist can address your skin problems even before they show up. Now that is a revolutionary idea within itself. Since the risk factor for various skin issues can now be gauged, the root of a forthcoming problem can be tackled even before the problem manifests itself.

A DNA analysis of a saliva swab sample from your cheek can help garner data required to address the specific genetic needs of your skin. Single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs found in the DNA can reveal vital information about your skin hydration and elasticity. It can also throw light on the sun, antioxidant and inflammation protection factor of the skin. All of these are skin health markers and are predictors of your skin condition in the future.

A genetic predisposition to collagen degradation may be smoothened out by a more comprehensive anti-aging skincare regimen to prevent lines, wrinkles and folds. Or a predisposition to developing skin cancer can be partly mitigated by a skin care regimen loaded with sunscreen and antioxidants to help prevent free radical damage.

Skin DNA testing. It's actually all about you.

Added to the potential of going to the very root of a skin problem, is the ability to follow a customized skincare regimen that's been designed with your specific genes in mind. It helps to make an informed choice regarding which products, from the thousands available, would make ideal choices for optimizing skincare benefits by helping identify precisely what works for you individually.

Viegenomics Skin DNA testing can take the guesswork out of skincare by giving the blueprint required to personalise your skin-health care regimen. It recognizes that you are unique. And can help you look like one in several billion.

Majority of men and a large proportion of women suffers from hair loss, the cause being genetic. As science and technology progresses, genetic testing have become more advanced. Genetic testing over the years have helped people know if hair loss is written in their genes.

If you are suffering from hair loss, there's no need to worry. Hair loss possibility can be determined in your DNA. A convenient, fast and affordable Hair DNA test will reveal the probability that you will bald - or your spouse or even your children.

Knowing what future may hold will help you to make better life choice and be prepared.

Hair loss can affect both men and women from all sphere of life and can be result of numerous causes. Stress, lifestyle, diet and genetics can influence whether you are susceptible to baldness or hair thinning. Viegenomics Hair DNA Test will as certain as whether your condition is genetic causing a preposition to baldness.

The test is helpful to know the real reason behind hair loss, more efficiently.

After knowing the exact cause, it becomes easier for the doctors to determine which medicine would work best for the patient.

1. It becomes possible to estimate the severity of the condition.

2. The test does not involve under or over dose of any medications and it is entirely side effects free.

3. This test can prevent the baldness in the children even before it starts.

4. The overall health and wellness of patient will definitely improve post the test.

5. The test will also help the doctors to avoid the ineffective medicines.